Released Science EOG Review

Science Olympiad Application

Digestive System

Newton's Laws of Motion

The following are good pages from the book to study for the Ecosystems unit. Click on the Ecosystem's link to access notes givien in class.

Pages B5-B7 Abiotic and Biotic factors
Pages B8-B13 Description of what an ecosystem is and vocabulary: population, community, ecology, habitat, and niche
Pages B18-B23 Food chains, fod webs, and cometition for resources
Pages B24-B27 symbiosis (mutualism , commensalism, and parasitism)
Pages B28-B29 Food Pyramids
Pages B50-B57 Water, Carbon and Nitrigen cycles
Pages B64-B65 World Biomes
Page B66 Grasslands, B69 Deserts, B70 Deciduous Forests, B71 Tropical Rainforests, B72- B74 Water ecosystems


Heat Unit

Matter and Energy Unit


For Ms. Bernier-Lucien's quiz on Thursday, November 20, you will need to know: Seasons, Air Pressure, Convection Cells, and Sea & Land Breezes.


Air Pressure

Pages D54-56 (On page D 54 students do not need to know how air pressure changes with elevation, volume, or humidity- Only temperature!)

Convection Cells

Sea and Land Breezes


Jet Stream

Gulf Stream Current