American Cultural Regions

Vocabulary to know!

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cultural regions


Ideas to ponder

Tribes used what was around them because it was easy to get. Tribes near the ocean used shells for decoration while indians on the plains used porcupine quills.

What animal did the Sioux consider sacred? Why did they consider it sacred?

What was the purpose of the deer-hide leggings worn by the Seminole?

The Plateau region did not receive abundant rainfall. Where did they get their water from?

What did the Eastern woodlands indians make their wigwams from?

Given a map of the US divided into the seven Native American cultural regions we studiedin chapter 3 be able to identify each region with the following names:
Northwest Coast, California-Intermountain Region, Southwest, Plateau, great Plains, Eastern Woodlands, Southeast.

Be able to give an example of a Native American artifact. Explain what it was made of and how it was used.

Notes from Class

American Indians of the Northwest
American Indians of the California-Intermountain Region
American Indians of the Southwest
American Indians of the Plateau Region
American Indians of the Great Plains
American Indians of the Eastern Woodlands
American Indians of the Southeast