Vocabulary to know!

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origin story
natural resources
natural environment

Where Did the Early Native Americans Come From?

The Hopi Origin Story Theory

Know what an origin story is.
Know what an origin story explained and why they told them.
According to the Hopi origin story where did people first live?

The Land Bridge Theory

Know that the First Americans migrated over Beringia (the land bridge) following large animals such as, caribou, mammoth, and bison.
Know that the bridge formed during the ice age when sea waters froze into glaciers lowering water levels and exposing bare land connecting Asia to North America.
Know that as the Early Americans migrated to new places they had to adapt to the natural environment around them.

Boat Theory

Know that some Early Americans probably traveled from Asia to North America by boat migrating along the shores of Beringia.

How Did the Early Native Americans Adapt to Different Environment?

What natural resources did the Sioux use to adapt to their environment?
How did the Sioux record their history?
What are some of the harsh conditions that the Inuit faced?
How did the Inuit adapt to their harsh environment?