Homework Policy

Fifth Grade Homework Policy

Research has shown that homework is a valuable tool in helping students make the most of their experience in school. We give homework because it reinforces, extends, or prepares students for classroom learning. Homework teaches responsibility and helps students develop positive study habits.
We teachers will assign homework Monday through Thursday nights and occasionally over the weekend. Homework should take approximately sixty minutes to complete each night, excluding major tests, but we also plan to administer unannounced quizzes. Please remember that some students work slower than others, and the first two months of fifth grade is an adjustment for your child. Please guide and direct your child to help with managing homework until he or she adjusts to the rigors of fifth grade.
We will check but not necessarily record the scores of all homework, although homework is always included as part of the final grade in each subject. We may go over answers in class, allowing students to analyze mistakes. We offer praise and incentives for completed homework because we know the value of positive supports as a means to motivate students.
If a student chooses not to complete homework on a regular basis, we may ask you to check and sign your child’s daily assignment book. Students who choose not to do homework must learn that by so doing, they are choosing to receive consequences. Consequences will be determined by each teacher and will be explained to each class. We expect all assignments to be completed carefully and thoroughly.
If there is a genuine emergency which prevents your child from completing homework, we ask that you please send a signed note to school on the day the assignment is due stating the reason the assignment is missing. A student’s involvement in a sport or hobby does not excuse a student from homework. Please assist your child in planning time to complete homework around extracurricular activities.
We believe that you are a critical key to your child’s school success. We ask you to make homework a priority by providing necessary time, materials, and a quiet space to insure your child’s success. You can help by offering additional praise for a job well done. Together, we can help every child succeed.
Thank you,
The Fifth Grade Team