City of Ember Reading Journal Questions


1. Always write in complete sentences.
2. Restate the question.
3. Use your margins
4. Spell character names correctly
5. Capitalize character's names and other proper nouns.
6. Use names before pronouns
7. Use correct punctuation
8. Label each entry with the chapter #
9. All entries must be in the prongs in order.

Chapter 2
Where does Lina go when she is delivering a message to the Mayor that gets her in trouble?

Chapter 4
Why don’t people just leave Ember?

Chapter 5
1. Reflection Paragraph:
What did Lina buy, and was it a good or bad decision to buy them? How does she feel after she buys them?
Your paragraph must do four things: 1. Restate the question. 2. Explain what she purchased and what caused her to make the purchase 3. Tell if you feel it was a good or bad decision and why. 4. Explain how she feels after she buys them.

Chapter 6
  1. Explain Doon’s father’s view of anger.

Chapter 8

  1. In the following quote what has Doon found? “…a creature with a soft, shiny body and a small, spiral-patterned shell on its back. What happens to the creature in and how does the incident relate to the advice Doon’s father gave him?

Chapter 11
  1. Describe what Lizzie is doing. Tell if you believe it is the right thing or the wrong thing to do, and tell why you feel that way.

Chapter 15
  1. How does Nammy Proggs protect Doon?

Chapter 17
  1. Doon wanted to make his father proud. Do you think Doon’s father would be proud of all his choices? Explain.

Chapter 19
1. What do Lina and Doon find when they leave Ember?