Social Studies Chapter One

To study for your quiz on chapter one please look over your notes and pages 1-15 in the text.

Reread the story about the family that goes to California to strike it rich in the Gold Rush.

1. What landforms did they cross?
2. How did the rivers they crossed bring both danger and safety to the Wilsons?

Here are some key ideas to look up or remember:

1. Be sure to know your cardinal and intermediate directions.

2. Latitude lines are called parallels- Longitude Lines are called meridians

3. 0 degrees latitude is the equator- 0 degrees longitude is the prime meridian.

4. Know the location of the major US landforms listed in the text.

5. The Rio Grande River is part of the US/Mexican border- The St. Lawrence River is part of the US/Canadian border.

6. A delta forms at the mouth of a river.

7. What two countries are larger in land than the US?

8. How did rivers and lakes help the US become wealthy?

9. What is a tributary?

10. Be able to use a map to find a location if given a latitude and longitude, And be able to give the latitude and longitude of a location I give you.

11. Be able to use a map to tell what is northwest, southeast, etc. of a given landform. For example, what mountain range is northeast of the Mississippi delta? (It is the Appalachian Mts.!)