Journal Entries for Blood on the River:
Remember to:
1. indent and label all entries.
2. capitalize characters and place names.
3. spell fifth grade level vocabulary, place and character names correctly. (use the novel to help)
4. use periods and other appropriate punctuation.
5. proofread your entry to make sure it makes sense.
6. write neatly.

Chapter 1-2
On page 10 Capt. Smith is upset about the type of people who have been chosen to go to Jamestown. Why is he upset and what problems does he think will arise?

Chapter 5-6
In your own words explain how Capt. Smith uses the fight between the whale and the swordfish and thresher shark to describe the situation between commoners and gentleman in the New World.
Chapter 7-8

Explain the lesson Captain Smith is trying to teach Samuel when he demands that Samuel stand on one foot. Why does he chain Samuel and how does it help him learn the lesson Captain Smith is trying to teach him?

Chapters 9-12

After training Samuel in using a sword Captain Smith tells him he will train him in a more powerful weapon tomorrow. What is the “powerful weapon,” how has Captain Smith and Reverend Hunt used this weapon, and how will it make Samuel powerful?

Chapters 13-16

Explain why Captain Smith is arrested, both the charges given and the hidden reason. Also explain how his arrest will benefit certain people in the colony and harm others.

Chapters 17-20
Explain one way Samuel has changed since coming to the New World.

Chapters 21-23
Explain what the colonists are doing that cause Chief Powhatan to say what he says in his quote at the beginning of chapter 23.

Chapter 24-End of Book (We will do this Friday morning in class!)
The text says power is like weights in a balance. Explain what this means and give several examples from the text that illustrate this simile.